coming up in autumn 2019: solo exhibitions:  Gallery Tir-Mostovna, Simulaker Gallery




2018  CUT-OUTS, Media Nox Gallery, Maribor


2018  ON THE SURFACE, Ravnikar Gallery Space, Ljubljana


2018  R / EDITION 001: urška rednak, Ravnkar Gallery Space, Ljubljana


2017  RELATIONS, Kosovel Culture House Sežana, Sežana


2017  RELATIONS, Layer House, Kranj




2018  AIR4, Ravnikar Gallery Space, Ljubljana


2018  VIEW FROM ABOVE, Šivec House Art Gallery , Radovljica


2017  VIEW FROM ABOVE, Cultural Centre Lojze Bratuž, Gorizia, Italy


2017  VIEW FROM ABOVE 2017, Kosovelov dom Sežana, Sežana


2017  SMALL FORMAT, Lična house, Ajdovščina


2017  SLOVENIA OPEN TO ART – International Art Symposium, Sinji vrh


2012  EVENING DRAWINGS, Kresija Gallery, Ljubljana


2012  FIGURAMA, Prague Airport, Prague


2011  EVENING DRAWINGS, Gallery of Lottery Slovenia, Ljubljana


2011  TRUE LIES OF PAINTING, Kresija Gallery, Ljubljana